about dup15q

dup15q syndrome is a genetic condition caused by the partial duplication chromosome 15.

It is the most common genetic cause of Autism, and can also lead to epilepsy and intellectual disabilities, as well as motor function disabilities and gastrointestinal troubles.

Besides this page, you can learn all about the condition at dup15q.org

Much like Autism itself, dup15q has certainly been around for a long time, but only “officially” surfaced recently as we learn more about genetics, DNA, Chromosomes, and similar. As of now, there is no known cause or lifestyle link to the condition – parents of every race, nationality, and socioeconomic background can give birth to a dup15q child. Like other genetic syndromes, there is no “cure”, but through better understanding and support, the day-to-day lives of those affected, as well as their families and caregivers, can be greatly improved.

One aspect of the condition is the fact that there is not a unifying stereotype. There are some common physical characteristics that many, but not all, with the syndrome share (like a button nose, lower set ears, etc.). Thus, two different children with dup15q syndrome can be very different in abilities and development. One might have obvious speech and developmental disabilities, and the other might not show any immediately recognizable disability or symptom.

Because of the “recentness” of the syndrome, there is simply not as much support and resources available as there are for other better-known conditions. This will certainly change as time goes on of course, but for the families dealing with this today, their time is now.

Lorren Capital LLC’s principals Jason and Angel Williams are one of those “now” families. The couple has four children, and their second child (son Anson) has dup15q syndrome.

Jason and Angel have made increasing awareness and support for this condition a large part of their life’s work, and with both their financial and emotional support, hope to help other families whose lives are touched by dup15q.

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