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Lorren Capital, LLC is a Wichita Falls, TX Real Estate Investment Firm that specializes in Syndicated Multifamily Investment.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the local real estate market and current involvement in more than $70mm in syndicated properties, the company is well-positioned to help investors reach their investment goals.

a note from principals jason and angel williams

Hi, and thanks for coming to our website. While the site does a good job of explaining the who, what, where, and why of our business, we’d like to take a moment and give you our personal feelings of what we do.

To begin, we’re very interested in being both a profitable and a caring company. To us, if you can make a profit while also helping others, goodness, it doesn’t get better than that.

This is why we aim to take a longer-term approach in many of our deals, and look to make our properties a place that’s desirable to live in. We feel there is no upside – none whatsoever – to having a substandard property, no matter the short-term gain.

We exhaustively vet our properties, and make sure that we can both purchase and repurpose them to be a shining example of what’s possible in multifamily living. We strive for our properties to enhance their neighborhoods, while also showing our investors returns that exceed the norm. We do this by having the right connections and skillset to renovate, repurpose, rebrand, and better manage these properties.

Jason and Angel

joe fairless


Joe Fairless controls nearly $1.7 BILLION worth of real estate in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Cincinnati, Florida and Georgia. A native Texan, Joe grew up in Fort Worth and graduated from Texas Tech University. He currently splits his time between Dallas-Fort Worth and Cincinnati. He has been investing in real estate since 2008 and, prior to that, was the youngest vice president at an award-winning advertising agency. He is also the host of the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever, where he has interviewed guests such as Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki.



now let’s discuss dup15q

This is near and dear to us, because our nine- year-old son is affected by this condition. And like any parent, we want the best care and research possible for him. The challenge is, this is a condition that is recent in discovery, and not widespread. Mention “measles” and everyone knows exactly what you are talking about. But dup15q? Nowhere near as prolific.

We donate to the dup15q alliance ( www.dup15q.org ) to assist in further research, and better help children and families who are dealing with this condition. This donation does not affect our investors in any way – it comes from our own profits. And we further realize that mentioning something like this on what is primarily a business website can be risky, but following our heart has gotten us to where we are, so there’s no sense in abandoning that mindset. It’s our hope that certain investors will actually choose to work with us BECAUSE of the attitude we broadcast, both in our charitable causes and in how we look to make our properties excellent for tenants. In short, we believe caring is profitable.

Thank you again for visiting and reading this far. If we can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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